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Natural goods for cherished rituals

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Temazcal Life bar soap collection. Mexican delight. Dunes sage cactus. Kermesse rose clay peppermint rosemary hibiscus. Manjar lemongrass chia seeds. Aztec Sun bergamot ginger cornmeal charcoal. Cafe cinnamon orange coffee.

Mexican delight bath soaks

Temazcal Life. Natural goods for self-care rituals. Logo with temazcal icon.
Interior of an empty temazcal with skylight shedding light into the center of the temazcal.

Temazcal interior

From our customers

“As an eczema sufferer, I have searched far and wide for a natural soap that will not irritate my skin and discovered Temazcal.”

Ruza P.

“The bar lasts for a good amount of time and the aroma stayed strong throughout.”

Russ R.

“All the scents are so good that the soap makes a great air freshener until you are ready for the next bar.”

Sam B.

“Every time I shower with the Manjar bar my wife compliments how I smell.”

Michael A.

I have stopped using my shaving butter and replaced it with the Xoco bar. It makes for a very smooth shave.

Jesse A.


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Woman applying Temazcal Life botanical exfoliating soap with a bath loofah.

A ritual renewal of body, mind, & spirit.

We believe simple rituals have the power to transform our well-being.

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Erika Aldrich Murga, Temazcal Life founder, sitting in the lobby of the Emma Hotel at the riverwalk in San Antonio, Tx.

Meet our founder

Erika founded Temazcal Life after a soap-making summer that led her journey back to her roots.

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Our products transform a routine into a cherished ritual of care with natural botanical ingredients beneficial to our skin, and nothing that will harm it.


We focus on contributing to a holistic view of well-being that includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and financial wellness.


We honor our ancestors and align with their teachings to care for Mother Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling, and caring for our fellow humans.