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Temazcal Life founder Erika Aldrich Murga in front of a breeze block wall.

Born and raised in México, Erika grew up with a deep pride and respect for their Mexican culture; its culinary traditions, community rituals, and rich history. She also spent countless hours in Chemistry labs, as her Chemist mom would often bring her to work after school. Little did she know how her love for labs and research would pan out in the future.

Wishing to study design, Erika emigrated to the United States to attend college in El Paso, Texas. Art school was the beginning of her healing journey, and creating with her hands became her first healing tool.

For more than a decade, Erika has grappled with mental health disease. During times when her disease flares up the most basic areas of personal care, like taking a shower, become daunting. Erika conceived Temazcal Life in an effort to offer simple and accessible personal care rituals, the same rituals that have helped her in her healing journey. 

Erika is the product developer behind Temazcal Life’s formulas, using her childhood passion for scientific research and testing. She aims to raise awareness about the mental health needs of the Latinx community and bring forth the wisdom and rituals that her ancestors used for reconnection and well-being.

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