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Much like our pre-Hispanic ancestors, we believe well-being is communal and is rooted in people taking care of one another, including Earth. This sense of community provides comfort, confidence, and is balanced with our surroundings.


We are serious about slowing down

 🤲🏼 Our products are handmade in small batches, this keeps us sane at work and balanced at home.

🌿 We thoughtfully source botanical ingredients with proven benefits, deep herbal scents, and rich textures to stimulate the senses, so that you can slow down and reconnect with yourself when using them. 

🔥 We use traditional processes that retain the ingredients’ healing properties.

🌎 We use minimal and reusable packaging when shipping because the least it weighs the fewer carbon emissions from the delivery vehicles.

Our products fit seamlessly into simple rituals, that are easy to follow through, and can be accessible to anyone. Access is important to us as it is a principle of social justice that allows people to obtain the resources they need to have an equal start in life.

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